Hi, I'm Les Allen. Welcome to my site.

Throughout my life I have had many experiences. Some have created negative Karma and some positive Karma. All the situations that life has blessed me with are to me, one thing.

Jiu-jitsu, the art of true strength, lies not in force but guidance. Knowing whole heartedly that the outcome will benefit everyone and not just yourself creates great power and to inspire people as to what life is, I thought I would give people an insight into an interesting world of power, responsibility and great peace.

I have been a stunt performer for 6 years used primarily as a martial arts and acrobat specialist. My Work in this industry has allowed me to learn from a great many people other skills that have increased my ability to perform at a high level.

A dojo of elite fighters and in the midst of it all in pursuit of perfection. The perfection of movement in connection.

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